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Artistic Stone's tile collections provide you with unique designs and very competitive prices without compromising quality. Artistic Stone can be considered the place to fulfill your all your tile needs; helping with design, selecting, ordering and the install your tiles. Our installers have years of experience with tile setting, which include a wide range of materials, including ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble, limestone, and travertine.

Where do I start? Backsplash or Counter Top?
Many homeowners wonder where they should start. Should I choose either the counter tops (granite, marble, recycled surface or engineered quartz) or the backsplash first? It's really a toss up, but we recommend choosing the countertop first and then the backsplash. It is much easier to find splash tiles to match the countertop than vice versa, due to the overabundance of tile options. Whether you want something craftsman, French provincial, transitional or modern, we at Artistic Stone will help you find the right countertop combination with your backsplash.

How are tiles chosen to be in the Artistic Stone collection?
Thousands of tiles options are manufactured worldwide. We have handpicked collections, which give people a simple yet elegant wall and floor options. The Artistic Stone team has carefully selected tiles to create your unique design while providing you with tiles of superb quality and value pricing. Our team will work with you to source material from anywhere to create the backsplash, shower wall or floor of your dreams.

In the eclectic Bay Area, we have many homes built from different periods. There is the Craftsman style in Oakland and Berkeley, Ranch style in Orinda, Danville and Los Altos, Eichler communities of the 50's and 60's throughout Palo Alto and Marin, Edwardians in San Francisco, Victorians from downtown Vallejo to downtown San Jose and loft living in Jack London Square, South Beach and Santana Row. Our tile collections have been selected to meet your unique home and chosen countertop material. We add new products to our collection every 2 to 3 months.


Ceramic Tiles
From Modern to Craftsman, the ceramic tiles come in hexagons, squares and rectangles. With so many designs and options, it is easy to come home and walk into the bathroom or kitchen of a hotel in Paris. For within your budget, you can have old Hollywood charm with a modern twist of clean lines and classic elegance wrapping your walls and kitchen and bathroom floors. All collections come with a complete trim package of mosaics, accents, liners, and listellos (rectangular tiles with designs) in both matte and glossy finishes.

If you crave an artisan look, hand molded ceramic tiles are for you. Ever so slightly imperfect, each tile reminds us of yesteryears when ceramic tile manufacturing was all hand made. Just like in ceramic class, you can express yourself on the walls with collections from Artistic Stone.

Porcelain Talavera and Clay Body:
Our collection echoes the tapping feet of flamenco dancers and the Latin influences of Spanish Colonial America, Mexico and Southern California. The bright hues of yellow, white and blue tiles are hand-painted in Mexico and Portugal and will remind you of your trip to the San Diego or the Catalina Islands. The glassy kiln finishes will resist the elements so you can use it in pools and showers. These Mexican talavera come in trims and various sizes to give you the perfect tile lay to add life to your home. Like all hand molded and hand-painted tiles, they are slightly imperfect.

Porcelain Tiles
Our Italian porcelain tiles reflect the rich Mediterranean sun. The tiles allow you to enter the world of Greek, Roman and Estrucian antiquity. Take the festive atmosphere home with accent pieces, also known as listellos, of Athens and Rome combined with the benefit Italian designers. Modern antiquities is what the Italian tiles bring to one's home. All collections are full-bodied porcelain with bullnose pieces. The sizes range from 4x4" squares to 20x20". There are many shapes and sizes to meet your needs.

Glass Tiles
During the last 20 years, glass artists have advanced glass-manufacturing technologies, which have led to the creation of small glass tiles of many shines and colors. The glass tiles with luminescent sheen will remind you of the latest spa get away. Translucent glass gives surf and boardwalk theme. Embedded metallic elements reflect like city lights on your walls. These looks are the perfect for the contemporary and transitional design as seen in the latest magazines. By mixing in glass with other tile materials, you easily create an accent to any floor and wall.

Custom Natural Stone Tiles
Custom tiles are the ultimate luxury. Our collection offers murals, accents and individually created pieces just for you. Remember the last trip you took pictures from Africa or Europe or those of your loved ones? We can take your picture and print them directly onto travertine and limestone for you to use as accents or the center piece of any home. Whether it is the wine room or the backsplash behind the stove, this is a truly personalize memory.

Natural Stone Tiles
Natural stone tiles are the oldest building material used by all civilizations. From the seven wonders of the ancient world, phenomenal architectural achievements have always been completed in stone. With modern technology, artisans have put away the chisels and have traded them for precision cutting and polishing machinery. Relive the beauty of nature with marble, travertine, limestone and granite in your floors and walls. Artisans have created unique and mosaics tiles applicable for the sophisticated designs to fit all kitchens and baths.

We bring you natural stones from many countries- Carrera marble from Italy, Cream Marfel from Spain, Emperador from Portugal, Black Limestone from Norway, Jerusalem Gold from Israel, Tropical Brown from Saudi Arabia and Travertine from Mexico and Turkey. The opportunity to create a natural wonder at home is at Artistic Stone Kitchen and Bath.

Artistic Stone determines quality based on manufacturing consistency, install ability and durability. All tiles are not perfectly identical pieces because they are handmade. We have identified material that will not affect the design desires our client needs.

Ceramic Tiles
The most important aspect of ceramic tiles is consistent and smooth glazing because it protects the walls from moisture penetration. From an installation perspective, manufactured ceramic tiles need to be dimensionally consistent to create an even looking grout lines. On the contrary, hand molded tiles will have inconsistency.

Porcelain Talavera and Clay Body
Traditional clay body tiles require an even glazing process to prevent moisture penetration. The Clay tiles cannot resist harsh weather; however, porcelain talavera can take the harsh exterior weather variations.

Our porcelain tiles are manufactured with a high degree of design variation. This means that you will not find exact patterns in your 100 square feet of tiles. Every piece maintains its uniqueness.

All of our porcelain tiles adhere to International Organization for Standardization (ISO), ASTM International Standard Worldwide or Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) and have been sent through third party inspection, such as the Smith-Emory Laboratories. The tiles have been tested in accordance to ISO 1054 for dimensional variation, water absorption, modulus for rupture (impact), scratch resistance, chemical resistance, linear thermal expansion , slippage, stain resistance, thermal shock, acid and alkali resistance (bleach and ammonia resistance) and frost resistance. If you are interested in specifics, please visit our showroom.

Glass Tiles
For glass tile, we have manufacturers who will reliably produce so there is limited lot variation within the same color or design. All glass is naturally water resistant.

Custom Natural Stone and Natural Stone
Artistic Stone selects natural stone from manufacturers who care about aesthetics and quality. Because natural stone forms randomly in the earth, naturally occurring crystals cause pits and fissures in the stone. Manufacturers artistically reinforce the product to blend into the natural color pattern while increasing the product integrity. The material quality is important because it affects the installation and the long-term product integrity.

For some softer stones such as limestone and travertine, thicker material adds strength. Many lower price manufacturers reduce their costs by cutting thinner pieces of tile and using lower grade resins and epoxies. These will have poor color consistency and weaken the long term integrity of the material. At Artistic Stone, we believe a quality install will increase the value of your home because it was done right the first time.

Artistic Stone's tile collections provide you with unique designs and very competitive prices without compromising quality.

How to Buy Tiles

Artistic Stone Tile Products

Some low quality tiles in market

Issues for their products


Square and even

Corner is not square and even

The final installation is not even and straight.


Same Thickness

Some thinner and some thicker

The installed tiles are not even.


Water Absorption level is lower than 0.1%

Water Absorption level may be higher than standard 0.5%

The floor and base underneath may get damaged by water, especially in bathroom.


Breaking strength>2500N

Less than 1300N (standard)

The tile gets broken easily.


Scratch Resistance

Easily get scratched.

Not durable enough for longer period.


Frost Resistance




Acid and Alkali Resistance




Chemical Resistance




Stain Resistance





Approximate tile price ranges per square foot:


  • Ceramic Tiles: $3 to $8
  • Talavera Porcelain and Clay: $2 to $17
  • Porcelain: $4 to $8
  • Glass: $7 to $21
  • Custom and Hand Molded: $8 to $180
  • Natural Stone: $2 to $9
  • Mosaics: $7 to $50
  • Accents: $5 to $10 per piece