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Artistic Stone Quartz Countertops (Pre-fabricated)

  • Countertop sizes: 25 1/2" x 110", 36" x 110", 4”x110, and 7”x110
  • Edge Avalable: Miter
  • Installed price: $60/sq. ft.
  • Material (countertops) only: $400/piece and up

Why use Artistic Stone Quartz counter tops?

  • Durable quartz surfaces: The finest surfaces manufactured from natural quartz minerals, recycle material, high quality resins, and pigments. Our surface preserves and safeguards all the qualities of natural stone while providing additional tangible benefits resulting from innovation and product engineering.
  • Pre-Fabricated Edging: Artistic Stone Quarts surfaces are cut to standard sizes and have pre-fabricated edging. Since most jobs require little to no additional edge fabrication, our customers will save a lot of time and money when compared to using traditional quartz slabs.
  • Popular colors that reflect the leading trend: We keep tracking and researching the trendiest colors, then design and manufacture these colors and patterns accordingly.
  • Our price is the most competitive one on the market. Please contact us so we can get you a quote. 
  • Non-porous finish: Artistic Stone Quartz counter tops are non-porous, unlike natural stones such as marble and granite.
  • Resistant to scratching, staining, and scorching: Our quartz counters’ high durability and endurance keeps it from ever fading, thus protecting and retaining the original beauty of the surface for years!
  • Maintenance free (Polished slabs): Artistic Stone Quartz counter tops do not require sealing or regular maintenance. Water and soap, or mild household cleaners are all that is needed to keep Artistic Stone Quartz surfaces looking great for years.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Artistic Stone is committed to using as many recycle materials as possible in our quartz manufacturing process.




Colors in Stock

  • Our prefab quartz color Selections are increasing frequently. Please contact us for updated inventory.
  • (Please visit our blog for larger quartz pictures)

  • Cement-Prefab Quartz
    ASQ700 Cement
    Snow Storm-Prefab Quartz
    ASQ701 Snow Storm
    Starry Night
    AS702 Starry Night
    Quartz Capri
    Sahara-Prefab Quartz
    ASQ704 Sahara
    Quartz Starbright
    ASQ706 Starbright
    Quartz Seashell
    ASQ707 Seashell
    Nogat-Prefab Quartz
    ASQ710 Nogat
    Olive-Prefab Quartz
    AS800 Olive
    Bronze-Prefab Quartz
    AS802 Bronze
    Quartz Savannah
    ASQ803 Savannah
    Quartz Calypso Brown
    ASQ804 Calypso Brown
    Pewter-Prefab Quartz
    AS806 Pewter
    Quartz Tuscany
    ASQ811 Tuscany Cream
    Quartz Snow White
    ASQ901 Snow White