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Overstock Sale: 50% off While Supplies Last

  • 50% off for the following colors: Bisha Brown, Bisha Brown Ogee, Cream Bordeaux, Cream Bordeaux Ogee, Four Season, Four Season Bullnose, Giallo Ornamental Light, Giallo Ornamental Light Bullnose, Giallo Ornamental Light Ogee, Ivory Coast Ivory Coast Bullnose, Juparana Tier--New Lot, Juparana Tier--New Lot Bullnose, Juparana Tier-New Lot Ogee
  • This promotion applies to material sales ONLY. No discount for labor.
  • Promotion applies while above supplies last.
  • Promotions do not combine.

Artistic Stone Quartz Countertops (Pre-fabricated)

  • Countertop sizes: 25 1/2" x 110", 36" x 110", 4”x110, and 7”x110
  • Edge Avalable: Miter
  • Installed price: $60/sq. ft.
  • Material (countertops) only: $400/piece and up

Latest news on Radon issues:

EPA 07/30/2008 "At this time, we do not have adequate data to determine the radiation risk to people from granite countertops."

EPA 07/29/2008 "EPA does not believe sufficient data exist to conclude that the types of granite commonly used in countertops are significantly increasing indoor radon levels."

Consumer Reports, 6/30/2008: What is Radon in granite? Why this issue surfaced again? Tests have been done, How to test Radon in your home?...

Marble Institute of America, 11/17/2008: "we sent out a press release on the most comprehensive scientific study ever conducted of health threats from granite countertops. The study did not find a single stone slab that poses a health risk. Quantities of radon and radiation emitted by stones included in the analysis all fell well below average background levels commonly found in the United States.Scientists conducted more than 400 tests of 115 different varieties of granite countertops, including stones cited in media reports as being potentially problematic."

I still want to test my countertop. What should I do?

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