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Why Buy Pre-fabricated Countertops?

Pre-Fabrication + No Middlemen = Exceptional Quality at Low Prices

Carrara White

How does Artistic Stone price so low?
This is above and beyond the most common question that our customers ask. In fact, disbelief is the #1 reason why potential customers do not select Artistic Stone for their granite remodeling project. We understand that most American consumers are conditioned to the common adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.”

We have created a superior efficient system to deliver our customers “Upscale Experience, Downscale Price”.

Downscale Price

  • Low fabrication cost
  • Factory-direct import, and
  • 40% below the prices of our major competitors, and
  • Professional management,

Upscale Experience:

  • Licensed, insured, and bonded
  • Free Two-Year warrantees,
  • Fast turn around quotation and installation,
  • Professional execution,
  • “94% would use us again”
  • How To Buy Countertops:

    Artistic Stone Products

    Some pre-fab products in market

    Issues for lower-grade products


    Grade A Granite, Marble and Limestone

    Grade B or lower grade

    Color is not that nice and may have cracks


    ¾” Thick

    ½”-5/8” thick

    Warps easily and cannot cover the sub top underneath


    We show Origin on the label

    Does not show origin

    They may use similar color instead for lower price        ( quality and color is not that good)


    Counter tops match with Islands and back splashes. We show clients all the pieces.

    Tops and Islands may be from different lot due to less waste.

    Color does not match with tops, Islands and splashes in same kitchen.


    We do carry long Islands 36x110;42x110 and 52x100

    Only 96” long Islands and may only carry 36” or 39”.

    May have seam for islands/ peninsula or may not be wide enough for island or bay window.


    We offer 4” and 7” back splashes

    Only carry 4” splashes

    Maybe not cover rough area from tile demolition.


    We offer TWO-YEAR Warranty on workmanship

    Most of them don’t offer any warranty.

    No coverage for breakage and workmanship issues.


    We offer more edge options: Bullnose, Flat, Ogee

    Most of them only have bullnose

    Cannot fit all different cabinet style.


    We offer different finish: honing or brushed

    They only carry polished surface.

    Cannot fit certain style.


Our countertop sizes

  • Kitchen Top: 100" x 26 "x 3/4", 100" x 26 "x 3/4", 108" x 26 "x 3/4"
  • Island: 100" x 36" x 3/4", 100" x 42" x 3/4", 100" x 52" x 3/4"
  • Back Splash: 100" x4" x3/4", 100" x7 1/2" x3/4" etc

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